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Permanent Makeup Removal

How Can Tattoos or Permanent Makeup Be Removed?

It is faster and easier to get tattoos than it is to remove them. But there are various methods to remove body or makeup tattoos: 

Dermabrasion: This is a process where the tattooed skin is sanded off with a special device. The top and middle skin layers that contain the ink or pigment are removed. 

Lasers: Laser tattoo removal is popular for removing body art. This technique is rarely used for permanent makeup removal due to the risks of the makeup being on the face. There is also a greater risk of damage to the eye, or the laser turning permanent makeup black, which could be worse.

Salt-Saline Technique: This is a great method that combines the science of osmosis with dry needling. Tattooing saline and salt water on top of any unwanted pigments or ink will lighten any tattoo. The ink is drawn up from under the skin in a scab. Once the scab falls off, you’ll notice that the pigment will be lighter or gone. Tina Pinz uses this method because it allows for precise, controlled scabbing. She is certified to use various saline products for this method. 

Surgical Excision: This is a method where a doctor stretches the skin over and around the tattoo, then surgically cuts the tattoo pattern out of the skin and stitches the edges of the skin together. This method is only used as a last resort.