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Permanent Makeup Correction

Permanent Makeup Mishaps

Permanent makeup is a big decision, but your face is the first thing people see, so you’ll want to make sure you’re working with an experienced and professional permanent makeup provider. When done improperly, unfortunate results can leave you disappointed, regretful, and lacking confidence. Fortunately, permanent makeup can now be corrected and improved! You can fix those faded brows, brighten your lips, and bring back the radiance you once had with Permanent Cosmetics by Tina Pinz in Boise, Idaho.

Techniques in Permanent Makeup Correction

Color Adjustment. This is used when the shape of the eyebrow, eyeliner, or lip liner tattoo is good but the color is poor. Low-grade pigments can cause fading in permanent makeup. Tattooing a corrective pigment color to an area that’s fading would bring the natural color back. In most cases, the improvement will be immediately noticeable, but it may take several weeks for the corrector color to settle into the final desired result. To achieve the best possible results, multiple appointments may be necessary until the color is completely restored.

Shape Adjustment. A shape adjustment can be done if the shape of your permanent or microbladed eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, or lip liner is not terrible but could look better with some changes. Additional makeup tattooing might improve the shape, symmetry, or balance of the makeup. Take note that tattooing is necessary to correct the eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips, which may increase the thickness too much. Tina will demonstrate the change with a pencil and discuss the process with you. If the extra tattooing will not look good, you have two options: remove some of the old pigment or do nothing.